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The PVC & Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Industry, greatly contributes to the vital sectors in Pakistan and its Products, the PVC & Plastic Pipes are essential in sectors such as Agriculture, Water and Sanitation and are used for, inter alia, tube wells for Irrigation, drinking water , ducting, both electrical and Drainage, by the general masses of Pakistan as well as Government Departments including the Housing & Urban Development / Public Health Engineering and Water and Sanitation Agencies for their vital project of public importance.

The PVC & Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Industry greatly contributes to the economic prosperity of Pakistan and comprises of more than 1150 (One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty) mechanized small, medium and large sized industrial undertakings directly employing over 28,750 (Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty) persons and indirectly employing over 475,000 (Four Hundred and Seventy Four Thousand) persons.

All Pakistan PVC & Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association was incorporated with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, under the Companies Ordinance 1984 vide Company Registration No. L-10,037 of 1999-2000, is a Trade Organization under the prevailing laws of Pakistan, registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan Vide Licence No. 117 issued by Directorate of Trade Organizations, Islamabad and is the Sole Representative Trade Body of PVC Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers and Producers in Pakistan. Prior to its incorporation, the Association had, in an informal manner, worked for the cause of its Members for almost 15 years.

The main objectives for forming All Pakistan PVC & Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association included among others ‘to protect, promote, encourage and develop PVC & Plastic Pipes Industry throughout Pakistan, to encourage manufacture of PVC & Plastic Pipes to specific internationally accepted standards and to educate the public in the selection and use of standard quality PVC & Plastic Pipes with particular reference to the quality of PVC used in the manufacture of such PVC & Plastic Pipes, to encourage and promote experimental and research works for the benefits of its Members and to assist and cooperate with the Government in that behalf, to arrange for and encourage training of technical personnel of PVC & Plastic Pipe Industry as and when applicable, to assist Members in all possible legal ways ordinarily and particularly when their business, interest or trade is affected, prejudiced or jeopardized, to do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the Association objectives.

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